The Landman Family

The Landman family has owned and operated Camp Kennybrook since its inception over 50 years ago.

Founders Peter and Carole Landman built Camp Kennybrook together, and have realized their vision of making it the ideal overnight summer kids camp.  They knew it was important to have a place where kids can “unplug,” relax, have fun and be themselves in a secure and supportive environment.

As Carole’s and Peter’s children, Howard and Stacey, matured, it was a natural progression for them to continue the family summer camp business, since they too grew up at Camp Kennybrook.  Shortly thereafter, Howard’s wife Felicia joined the family business.  As owners and parents themselves, Howard, Stacey and Felicia maintain the family tradition of providing a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment for all their campers.  They remain committed to their parent’s vision of delivering great programs with great people at a great value.