Kennybrook Kindness

We Value Kindness

At Camp Kennybrook, kindness is a core camp value. We believe it builds strong communities and even stronger campers.

For this reason, we developed the “Kennybrook Kindness” initiative. Each day at camp, staff members recognize campers’ kind acts with Camp Kennybrook Kindness Coupons. We draw weekly coupons to highlight some of these acts by giving special Kennybrook Kindness bracelets.

Working Together

Senior campers spread Kennybrook Kindness by visiting soup kitchens and helping sort supplies or serving meals.

Together, we worked to create blankets for Project Linus and distributed them to children at local hospitals.

We continually encourage kindness throughout the Kennybrook community and are always looking for ways to spread our Kennybrook Kindness beyond the Kennybrook arch.

At Camp Kennybrook, we know that our campers can have a great fun-filled summer while also learning important life skills. We are proud of the kindness our campers show at camp and beyond.