Color War

Teamwork makes the dream work at Camp Kennybrook!

Color War is a favorite Camp Kennybrook tradition. It is a five-day adventurous sporting event that divides our camp into two teams – blue versus gold. The best part is that no one knows exactly when the crazy competition is going to start! All campers and staff participate in this exciting, competitive event during the last week of camp. It’s crazy fun, and a great way to end the summer. 

Activities are age-group specific and skill-level dependent with something for every camper regardless of athletic ability. The goal of Color War is to unite campers, boost self-esteem, and encourage teamwork throughout camp, all while having a great time. 

With 50+ years as a family-owned and operated camp, we at Camp Kennybrook know how to create an exciting experience for every camper. Color War is a camp favorite!

Other Special Programs Include:

Teen Travel Adventures

This program combines a traditional camp experience with an age-appropriate travel program – including trips to California & Canada.

Athletic Olympics

This event divides our camp into four teams representing four Olympic different countries. Our campers have a blast competing.

Get Moving

Our fun, challenging “Get Moving!” fitness program teaches life skills to combat sedentary habits and encourage physical activity and confidence.

Evening Events

After a fun-filled day of camp, we believe campers like to be entertained, to socialize, and to try something new. We offer a range of events like talent shows, carnivals, and games.

Thank you for trusting us to care for your child. We promise to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe fun-filled summer adventure for all our Kennybrook campers.

Contact us should you have any additional needs, questions or concerns.