The Landman Family

A Family Tradition

In 1965, the Landman family purchased Camp Kennybrook. Their vision was to create a place where kids can unwind, have fun, and be themselves in a comfortable but challenging environment – and that’s exactly what they created.

Today, Carole and Peter Landman’s children, Stacey and Howard, along with Howard’s wife, Felicia, own and run the camp. They are extremely involved owners and directors, and they can be found on camp 24/7 during the summer. The Landmans personally know every individual camper – and their families, too!

 Howard, Stacey, and Felicia maintain the family tradition by providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for campers. Their vision is the same as their parents’ was 50+ years ago, but with new activities like travel adventures for teens, and thoughtful mindsets like “Kennybrook Kindness.”

The Landman family is proud to offer exciting programs with excellent people at accessible tuition rates. To learn more about the ideal summer camp for your child or to schedule a home visit, contact us today.

Howard & Felicia

Co-Owners & Directors


Co-Owner & Director


Co-Owner & Founder