Athletic Olympics

Our campers love to go for the gold!

During our first camp session of the summer, we do a shorter version of our wildly popular event, Color War, we call our Athletic Olympics. This event divides our camp into four teams from four different countries. Our campers have a blast!

With our Athletic Olympics event, there’s something for everyone at every skill level. We believe activities like Tug-of-War and Apache Relay allow campers and staff to build trust and lasting friendships in a fun and nurturing environment.

With 50+ years as a family-owned and operated residential summer kids camp, we at Camp Kennybrook know how to create an exciting experience for every camper.

Other Special Programs Include:

Teen Travel Adventures

This program combines a traditional camp experience with an age-appropriate travel program – including trips to California & Canada.

Color War

All campers and staff participate in this exciting, competitive event during the second half of the summer. This competition is a camp favorite!

Get Moving

Our fun, challenging “Get Moving!” fitness program teaches life skills to combat sedentary habits and encourage physical activity and confidence.

Evening Events

After a fun-filled day of camp, we believe campers like to be entertained, to socialize, and to try something new. We offer a range of events like talent shows, carnivals, and games.

Thank you for trusting us to care for your child. We promise to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe fun-filled summer adventure for all our Kennybrook campers.

Contact us should you have any additional needs, questions or concerns.