Waterfront Facilities

It’s fun to be on the water!

At Camp Kennybrook, we know the value of physical activity in promoting overall childhood wellness. Plus, it’s fun to be in and on the water! Some kids enjoy a relaxing boating experience, while others enjoy the thrill of a water slide. From moderate activities to more intense, you can be sure that Camp Kennybrook provides something for every camper.

We offer swim instruction by certified lifeguards and teach advanced skills for more athletic campers. Our campers 15+ years have the opportunity to take the American Red Cross class and leave camp as a certified lifeguard. Whether your child wants to learn to swim, build endurance with water skiing, or relax while canoeing, we’re confident they’ll have fun and sharpen their skills.

Our waterfront facilities include:

Heated pool with a
fifty-five-foot water slide

Perfect for playing in the water, learning to swim, or training to become a Red Cross certified lifeguard.

A freshwater lake
with fish!

Just what your child needs to enjoy boating, fishing, water-skiing, or just some fun in the water.

Water park with trampoline, 12-foot slide & more!

The ultimate fun can be had at our water park! The slide, trampoline, catapult swing, cyclone & seesaw offer thrills on the water.

Visit our waterfront activities page for more info on specific activities.

Our Facilities


Athletic Facilities

Our athletic facilities include basketball courts, baseball fields, gaga courts, soccer fields, and much, much more!



We have several waterfront facilities including a heated pool with waterslide, a freshwater lake, and waterpark.


Outdoor Adventure

Calling all adventurers! Our facilities include a climbing wall, teepee with campfire, zipline, obstacle course and more.


Creative & Culinary Arts

We have 5 art studios, a cooking studio, a Robotics lab, & multiple stages to meet all your child’s creative needs.

Thank you for trusting us to care for your child. We promise to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe fun-filled summer adventure for all our Kennybrook campers.

Contact us should you have any additional needs, questions or concerns.