The May Arch: Digitally Detoxing For The Summer









Imagine 7 weeks without your child responding to every ping, ding and ring of an electronic device.  A summer in which “facetime” actually means conversing with someone face to face!  Can you picture an entire summer without social media?  It’s like a breath of fresh air literally and figuratively speaking.  If you can envision this then…welcome to camp!


For an entire summer our children will learn to live in the moment and stay in the present.  They will do this without posting it to Facebook and Instagram and Snap Chatting everything.  It is digital detox and Kennybrook is proud to support a virtually tech free summer.


Let us explain…back in the day, we brought boom boxes and walkmans to camp.  Today, our kids use their iPods for their source of music.  But, that is the extent of technology that is present on camp.  No phones, no cell service, no Internet.  We want our kids to be able to benefit from real time experiences.


Having little to no digital technology for a summer encourages kids to engage in conversation.  Learning how to interact in social settings like meals and activities is such an important thing to know in life.  The Kennybrook dining hall is always abuzz with excitement.  You can hear cheers and camp spirit being sung throughout meals!


When the campers have down time, a tech free environment encourages kids to participate in other interests.  Whether it’s a pick up basketball game during rest hour or trying out for the camp play, the options are endless.  Even a good old game of Jacks in the bunk is fun!


Part of being at camp is forming friendships and bonds that are very special and truly unique.  It’s unlike anything outside of the camp world.  Being without all of the technology that kids are used to relying on might be a challenge at first but it will be an eye opening experience for them.  They will learn how to entertain themselves.  Running around outside, using their imagination to make up games, singing songs and telling stories is such a refreshing take on life today.  Our kids will do all of the fun things we as kids used to do.  They really do get to be kids for the summer!


So, while all of us parents are sitting at home hitting refresh, refresh, refresh on our computers to check the photos for the day, our kids will be disconnecting to reconnect at Camp Kennybrook.   What an amazing thing…technology not included!

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