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Hello Mother, Hello Father…


One of the most anticipated, exciting and a nerve-wracking things is your child’s first phone call home form camp!  As a parent it is very emotional and as a child it can be too.  A good idea is to have a list of questions and things to talk about. 

 Here’s how it works:

Kennybrook will soon send an email to you with the new 2017 phone call schedule.  Phone calls are broken down by grade.  Each grade gets a different day and time.  If you have more than one camper at camp you can choose to speak with all of your kids at one time.  Each child will be given approximately ten minutes (don’t freak out!) to talk to you.  If you decide to speak with all of your kids at one scheduled phone call time, we suggest you do it on the day of the youngest one’s scheduled phone call.  It is better for the youngest child because all of the other campers in their bunk will most likely have their phone calls that day and it might be hard for them to be the only one not having a phone call on that particular day.  If you choose to have different phone calls for each of your children, that is fine too but make sure you remember to sign up for different days and times for each child.  You will go on Campminder and sign up for phone call times.  You might want to ask your children which they prefer so there are no surprises when they are at camp.

Something to keep in mind when deciding on the time of day to schedule your phone call is to think what would be best for your child.  If you are afraid that they might be a little homesick (especially first time campers) you might be better speaking to them before dinner time so they will be distracted once they get off the phone when they go into the spirited Kennybrook dining hall!

On the day of the phone call, your child will be called down to the front office.  Camp will call you on the number you put on Campminder when you signed up for the phone calls.  When you answer the phone they will put you through to your very excited child!  

 Here’s What To Expect and Not Expect…

Take into account that it is a weird thing to not speak to your parents for over a week.  Don’t be surprised if your child gets on the phone and is quiet.  Don’t be upset (I know – easier said then done) if they cry.  You might want to cry to but try and hold back so it doesn’t upset your child!   Your child might sound different, maybe more grown up.  They might want to just get back to their activity and not have much to say (totally normal!).  After all, we are technically interrupting their day!

 Here are some tips on how to handle a crying camper:

-“Hey!  It’s great to hear your voice!  I know it might make you sad but I am so happy to talk to you.  Tell me something awesome you did today…”

-“Okay, let’s give ourselves a few seconds to get our happy tears out and then let’s talk about all of the fun things you have been doing at camp!’”

-“Let’s take a few deep breaths and start the phone call all over…Hey! What’s up?”

When your child gets off the phone do not worry.  Someone will be there to comfort them and walk them back to their bunk if they need that.  Here at Kennybrook, we are all very well prepared for a little homesickness after a phone call.  But be reassured that after a minute or two they will be running back to their friends and eager to participate in the activity that is going on at camp!

During a phone call you might have a slight lull when you are not sure what to talk about because there are so many things you want to say!  Here are some good things to think about saying or asking when you are on the phone with your camper…

-What is your favorite food and least favorite food at meals?

-Who do sleep next to in your bunk?  Are they messy or clean?

-What was your favorite activity today that you did today?

-What is the best cheer in the dining room?

-Do you need anything?  More shampoo?  A book?  Another pair of flip-flops?

-Make sure to write me a list of what you want for Visiting Day!

 Remember to keep your questions more specific for better answers and keep the conversation upbeat and happy! This will make the phone call that much better for you and your camper!


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