The Kennybrook Arch – Thankful For Our Kennybrook Family






Camp Kennybrook got its first taste of snow this past weekend. Winter is starting to make its appearance. As Thanksgiving nears, we like to reflect on what we are thankful for this holiday season. Ask a Kennybrooker what they are thankful for and they will most likely say camp!

But what is it exactly that our campers are thankful for? On the surface we can state the obvious…friends that are family, sports and s’mores. But if we look deeper we can see what our kids might not even realize they are thankful for.

Things about Kennybrook to be Thankful For…

Camp is a place where our kids can unplug and engage in real face time. The tech free environment fosters real socialization.

The summer allows our children to be independent and become stronger and self-reliant. Camp allows them to have a few weeks to make their own decisions and learn from any mistakes they make. Gaining independence, for even seven weeks, prepares them for the future.

Their friends accept each other for who they are. They all come together and leave their day-to-day social circles and branch out and make lifelong friends.

The thought of trying new things is not so scary. Over coming your fears at camp is the best place to do it. Going water skiing for the first time with your bunkmates cheering you on is amazing!

Forming bonds with counselors is priceless. A counselor is like a parent, friend and older sibling all wrapped up in one. They are there to support you, give you the extra push when you need it and comfort you if you are homesick. Our kids look up to them. They set examples and are role models for our children.

Kennybrook is our kids’ home away from home. It’s a place where they can be themselves. It’s a place where they learn how important their friendships are with each other. A place where they learn respect, leadership and life lessons. While they might see it as a place to have fun we see it as so much more. And for that we are thankful.

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