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Save The Drama For…Camp!

Every summer the campers at Kennybrook put on a play for the entire camp.  Last summer they did a fabulous production of 101 Dalmatians.  This summer the play is going to be…Into The Woods!  

Bryan Ritchey, Kennybrook’s Drama Director will be returning for his second summer!  We have revamped the drama program and we have also changed the play practice schedule for our campers too. This summer play rehearsal will not be during rest hour. We have worked rehearsals into the daily schedule so the campers can still enjoy their down time at rest hour! 

The drama program is a wonderful thing at Kennybrook and we encourage all our campers to try it.  Even if your child has no drama background they might be surprised to find that they really enjoy being a part of the camp production.

The kids put a lot of time and effort into the camp play and it shows.  They take part in all aspects of the production ranging from scenery to costumes to memorizing their lines.  It’s a lot of hard work but it also fun and rewarding.  The campers are very proud to put on the production to the entire camp for an evening activity.

One of the cool things about being a part of the play is that you get to be with campers of all ages.  It’s a for kids to interact and work together with each other and to meet other campers that they normally don’t do their activities with on a daily basis.  And it’s could possibly be a way for your child to maybe discover their inner stardom!

Other optional activities that we offer that are not on the camper’s daily schedules are: water skiing, banana boating, lifeguard training (only for senior campers) and our community service program.

Water skiing and banana boating are activities that take place on our property Sackett Lake, which is a few minutes away from camp.  It is a beautiful and large lake that offers the kids a great place to do these water activities.  The campers love it and really look forward to these special extra activities!

Lifeguard training is offered to senior campers only.  It is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in getting certified as a lifeguard.  The senior campers work with waterfront specialists throughout the summer training and taking lifeguarding courses.  It is a very popular program and the seniors really find it useful and they learn a lot!

Aside from the amazing extra activities that are offered, Kennybrook also believes in campers giving back to the community throughout the summer.  The senior campers visit the local soup kitchen and serve food to the less fortunate.  It is a very humbling experience for them and they enjoy being able to help others in need.  And this summer Kennybrook is teaming up with the ASPCA and doing some work with them as well throughout the summer.  

Kennybrook prides itself on being a camp that offers a wide variety of activities for all of their campers.  There is something for everyone and the kids have a chance to explore and try things that are new to them while also enjoying the things that they also love doing! 


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