The Kennybrook Arch – “Fall”ing back into routine










October has come upon us so quickly. The Leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. There is that fall chill in the air. Camp Kennybrook is no longer filled with cheering and the hustle and bustle of all day activity. Campers are now back to school and back into the swing of things in their home lives. But just because summer 2016 had to come to an end we can still relive the special memories we made throughout the summer.
Even though the days are getting long, our kids can hold onto their summer memories to keep them warm throughout the fall and winter months.

Remember When…

They had butterflies in their stomach and were jumping up and down with excitement when they stepped off the bus on the first day of camp.

Realizing that they can be independent and do things themselves.

Digitally Detoxing and being okay with it because nothing is better than real face time with their camp friends.

Canteen, 4th of July fireworks, Olympics, Visiting Day, Plaque Night, The Kennybrook Hunt, Fake Outs, Color War Break. Bucketfill, Tug O’War, Unique, Sing and Banquet and Kennybrook Kindness to name a few!

Summer 2016 flew by. There were so many Kennybrook memories made. From the first day in June, when our kids came to camp maybe not knowing anyone, to the last day in August, when our kids had to leave their new best friends and their second home. Friendship, cherished memories and bonds that last forever. That is what Camp Kennybrook is all about.

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