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Camp News to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s the middle of the school year and the winter months have settled upon us. But, it’s not too early to think about camp 2017! The buses will be driving under the arch and pulling up to Camp Kennybrook in less than 5 months!

The Landmans and the rest of the Kennybrook Staff are hard at work planning for this summer. There are so many exciting things that will be happening at Kennybrook this summer! Many programs, like the athletic ones, have been very successful in past summers and will be continued again!

One of the things that Kennybrook prides itself on is that we offer a variety of private lessons in basketball, baseball and softball throughout the summer. Our Basketball Director, Charlie Bridge, is coming back for his 7th summer at Kennybrook as well as Teddy Craig, who is returning for his 9th summer as our Baseball and Softball Director. And Clint Williams, will be coming back to camp this summer and assisting Charlie in Basketball! These private lessons are available to anyone who wants to sign up for them. Your child will focus on improving techniques and skills in these sports and can be done for half seesion or a full summer session.

We also offer private Tennis Lessons on Girls and Boys side. Each lesson is one on one with a tennis pro. You can choose to have it once or twice a week for half session or a full summer. Your child will be evaluated and work on everything to improve his/her tennis skills and techniques.

Aside from the private lessons that we offer, we also have exciting leagues. On Boys Side we have the KBA (Kennybrook Basketball Association) and on Girls Side we have a Soccer League. The KBA League is for boys who have completed 1st through 5th grade. The KBA League hosts tryouts and the coaches (basketball pros and counselors) have a draft. Once the teams are created they each play one another. The League has playoffs and a winner like the NBA! One of the most exciting parts of winning the KBA League is that the winning team gets to cut off the basketball net just like the winning team in the NBA does! The KBA League takes place in the first session and again in the second session during the summer.

And since the KBA League is such a huge hit with the younger boys, we added the KBA Elite which is for the boys that have completed 6th and 7th grade!

On Girls Side, Colleen McGourley, will be continuing to do a soccer league for the girls that have completed 5th thorugh 7th grade. The great thing about this soccer league is that it enabled kids to try the sport and it also strengthened the skills of the kids who have been playing soccer already. The girls are divided by athletic ability and by age group and each team is given a MLS (Major League Soccer) name. The teams play each other once a week in an evening game. There are also playoffs where the 1st and 2nd place teams play each other and the 3rd and 4th place teams play each other. It is so much fun and the girls love it!

We at camp understand that each child has different interests and wants to do different things. While camp is a place where our kids can venture out and try new activities we also want to offer programs that further their talent and abilities in the sports that they truly love. Having the best of both worlds gives your child a well-rounded experience. That’s what makes Kennybrook an all-around amazing place to be!

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