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Beating The Homesick Blues

 Getting ready to go to camp is a year round process.   Your child might have been very excited until these weeks before opening day and is now to experiencing “pre” homesickness.  This is all very normal.  In the months leading up to camp your child is most likely distracted by things going on at home.  When the summer nears it becomes more of reality that they are leaving for the summer and this might be unsettling for some campers, especially first timers.  

We, at Kennybrook, are very prepared to handle all kinds of homesickness.  It is typical (and even somewhat expected) for some campers to experience some degree of it. 

One of the things that can help your child try to beat homesickness before and at camp is all in the preparation.  Include your child in the whole process.  Arrange a phone call  or connection with another first time Kennybrook camper.  Go through things that your child is going to take to camp with them.  Shop for camp, pack for camp and talk about camp.   If you went to camp tell exciting and memorable stories to your child about your camp experience.

One of the things that we make sure of at camp is always keeping your child busy!  The busier they are, the less time they have to think about missing home. We encourage your child to talk to their counselor and/or group leader if they are feeling sad.  We know it is an adjustment for many kids to be away from home for the first time and we are always looking out for them.    Camp is one of the best gifts you can give your child.  It builds confidence, independence and strength.  

We try to make the transition from home to camp as smooth as possible for both campers and parents. Parents of first time campers will get a phone call from Stacey, Howie, Colleen or Phil within 48 hours of your child’s arrival to Kennybrook.  The phone call is to let you know how your child is doing and how they are adjusting to the first few days of camp.  

Remember, while sending your child off to camp for the first time is new for you, it is not new for Kennybook.  We want to be partners with you on your child’s success at camp.  We are here for you and your child.  Always feel free to call and leave a message or email Stacey or Howie with any questions or concerns you might have.  Your child’s happiness is our priority at Camp Kennybrook. We look forward to having an amazing summer with you and your children!


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