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As a parent sending their child to sleepaway camp, there is sometimes the worry: “will my child be exposed to enough of the athletics that Kennybrook has to offer”?  “Will my child be able to keep up their practice of a particular sport during the summer months?” And, “will my child be allowed the opportunity to better him or herself in a sport if they choose to do so? “


The answer, in a nutshell, is Yes!  Your child will be exposed to a variety of athletics and sports throughout the summer at Camp Kennybrook.  They will be participating on many levels.  It ranges from a pick-up basketball game during rest hour to tournaments that sometimes travel to different camps in the area.


If you wish for your child to get one on one coaching and private lessons, Kennybrook offers that as well.  We have Basketball, Baseball, Tennis and a Lifeguarding program.  We have expertly trained staff with a great amount of experience that teaches the campers these private lessons.  It is a wonderful added bonus that allows your child to continue to train over the summer.  All forms are found on your Campminder account and at


And you need not worry if your child does not favor sports all the time.   With other wonderful activities such as: arts & crafts, swimming, zip line, boating, cooking and drama (to name just a few) Kennybrook offers so many choices for all campers!  We look forward to a very exciting summer filled with fun, friendships and Kennybrook Kindness!

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