The Arch – Nervously Excited For Camp

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As summer is quickly approaching the excitement of getting ready for camp is in full effect.  However, don’t be surprised if you see camp jitters start to surface.  Going away for the summer is a big step.  Leaving home for your child is an abstract concept.  Even though they have familiarized themselves with camp they still don’t totally grasp the concept of what it will be like being away from their home and family for seven weeks.


First, know that it is totally normal for your child to be nervous.  Some kids might stop talking about camp for a little while.  Some might seem to show a lack of interest.  And some might talk about it non-stop.  A good idea would be to embrace the nerves and anxiety about camp.  Validate them.  Let your child know that it is all right to be nervous.  Don’t discount any of their feelings.  Ask them specifically what it is they are nervous about and come up with some ways for your child to be more at ease with everything.


If your child brings up being homesick, talk about how they can deal with it when they are away at camp.  Tell them that it is okay to be homesick and you understand.  Tell them it is also okay to have fun.  Talk about how great Camp Kennybrook is.  Use specifics about things they will do at Kennybrook when you talk about camp.  Go through their morning and night routines, which are sometimes the more difficult times of day for a new camper.


Also, make sure to talk to the staff at Kennybrook to let them know if your child is experiencing any camp anxiety so they can be on the lookout for it.  Don’t be surprised in the weeks leading up to camp if your child’s behavior is unusual.  Some kids act silly, some get quiet and some won’t change their behavior at all.  As the excitement of camp builds so do many feelings and emotions.  As a parent, we need to remember to try and keep our emotions in check.  As soon as those camp buses pull away you can let your tears fall.  But know that Kennybrook is waiting for your child to experience a memorable and amazing summer at their new home away form home!

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