Great Programs

At Camp Kennybrook, we believe kids really need camp, especially in today’s world where expectations are high.  That’s why we provide a camp experience that alleviates the pressures of life, while allowing your child to feel welcome and safe to discover new experiences and friendships that last a lifetime.

Well-known for our assortment of quality programs, Camp Kennybrook offers more than 50 activities and special events that target and nurture specific skill-sets and interests; to ensure all our campers have an awesome summer experience.  From our unique branded “Get Moving!” exercise program and “Teen Travel Adventures,” to the most-popular athletics, water sports, outdoor adventure, creative and performing arts, as well as culinary, there’s something for every child at Camp Kennybrook. Plus, we offer private athletic lessons taught by skilled coaches. Every camper has the opportunity to experience every activity, and will be given support to pursue new and exciting challenges and experiences along the way.

Discover why Camp Kennybrook is the ideal overnight kids summer camp, with great programs and great people at a great value for your money.