Summer 2021 COVID Guidelines

Looking forward to a healthy and safe summer ahead….

We remain committed to maintaining a safe and healthy community as we keep the essence of Kennybrook intact. Guidelines from the NYS Department of Health, CDC and the American Camping Association continue to shape our policies and we have spent months evaluating and assessing all aspects of daily camp life. We look forward to providing our campers with a true and traditional camp experience that actually FEELS like Kennybrook.

These initial Kennybrook COVID-19 Guidelines will provide a general picture as to what camp will look like this summer. Since data remains fluid, we will revisit and update these guidelines monthly to reflect the most current information. Prior to the summer, the KENNYBROOK COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN will be available and serve as an elaborate guide on all aspects of the coming season.


  • Complete family survey
  • Monitor camper health prior to opening day
  • Families and campers will be asked to limit exposure prior to arrival at camp. The exact timeline will be specified closer to the start of our season.
  • Adhere to NYS travel advisory
  • Submit pre-camp testing results 


  • Pre-camp Testing
    • Every camper will be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test at home prior to arrival. The exact testing date and timeline will be specified. A negative test is required to attend camp.
  • Opening Day On Site Testing
    • Upon arrival, all campers will be required to take a second COVID-19 test prior to entering campus.
  • First Week Testing
    • A third COVID-19 test will be administered to all campers and staff within the first week of camp.
  • Testing Strategy
    • The goal is for every camper to receive three consecutive negative tests. Once we receive first week testing results, we can increase interactions within our community. Additional Rapid and PCR testing will be implemented throughout the summer as needed.
  • Professional Testing Company
    • We will be hiring a professional testing company to oversee all aspects of our testing strategy and provide onsite testing/results. Details around the required tests will be finalized over the coming weeks.


Though we have not yet made a final decision, it is likely that parents will be required to drop off campers on opening day.  Should bus service not be provided, please note the anticipated procedure:
  • Assigned staggered drop off times 
  • Masks must be worn by all campers and parents
  • Upon arrival, a staff member will greet each family at their car (under the CK arch) to complete the camper health and history questionnaire. 
  • Cars will proceed to the designated registration area and  be greeted by camp staff. 
  • Temperature will be taken at the registration area 
  • Camper will receive COVID-19 test  at registration area before joining the CK community 
  • Campers will then be escorted to campus by a CK staff member


  • As usual, we request that luggage arrive at camp prior to opening day for all lower camp bunks , including seventh graders.
  • This will allow us to unpack  all lower camp luggage during our staff orientation.
  • Parents are welcome to drop off luggage at camp or utilize  Camp Trucking, a private luggage/trunk  delivery service. 
  • We will specify luggage dates and details prior to the summer.


We are still awaiting guidance from the NYS Department of Health regarding mask requirements, but we do expect that face masks will be necessary at specified times, especially at the beginning of the summer as we await first week test results.

  • When large gatherings are unavoidable and physical distancing impractical, we will require face masks.
  • We expect that face masks WILL NOT BE necessary:
    • When campers/staff are inside their own bunks
    • During outdoor activities
    • When interacting indoors just with your own bunk
  • We expect face masks WILL BE necessary:
    • Inside all indoor facilities (health center, office, canteen, art studios etc)
    • Inside all Sackett camp vans
    • During any outdoor full-camp gatherings (including line- ups)


Though we have not yet made a final decision, it is likely that we will not be able to host our traditional in person Visiting Day.
  • Should our typical Visiting Day not be an option, we will create a special Zoom experience for parents/campers to connect virtually.
  • This virtual Visiting Day will  also include favorite treats and food items that campers typically request and enjoy during a traditional Visiting Day.


  • Meals will replicate a typical social Kennybrook dining experience with bunks eating together served by a CK waiter/waitress.
  • It is likely that meals will be served in two shifts, divided by lower camp and upper camp, to allow for a socially distanced smaller group inside the dining room.
  • We may also utilize an outdoor tented dining pavilion adjacent to the dining room. 
  • We will utilize single serve condiments when appropriate.
  • The traditional salad bar and communal toasters will still be available but items will be distributed by designated dining staff.


  • All aspects of our program will remain intact with every activity, camp tradition and special event offered for the 2021 season.
  • Full camp indoor events will likely all be moved outdoors 
  • Indoor bunk/divisional activities will be moved outdoors whenever possible
  • Necessary indoor activities (cooking, dance, art studios etc) will provide proper ventilation
  • Daily time schedule will be modified to allow additional time for hand washing between activity periods.


  • We have assessed and adjusted all aspects of our facility to reflect best COVID-19 sanitization practices
  • Hand sanitizers will be plentiful in every bunk and every area/building on campus
  • Screened bunk windows will continue to provide fresh Catskill air into bunks 
  • New screened windows will be added to certain facilities and fans/ air purifiers utilized where necessary 
  • Trained Sanitation Team 
    • Additional maintenance staff will be trained on all new cleaning protocols
    • Shared facility and activity areas will be cleaned between each period
    • Stringent cleaning, supplies and hygiene protocols will be implemented at all program areas
    • Hand sanitization stations will be maintained throughout camp
    • Equipment will be cleaned/disinfected between activity periods


  • Visitors of this nature will be required to adhere to temperature checks and new screening guidelines upon entering our CK community.
  • A designated staff member will be assigned to interact with delivery drivers, repair personnel and food vendors separate from the camp community.


  • At the moment, we do not envision any off camp trips or tournaments this summer.
  • We will replace the typical inter-camp tournaments with new intra-camp competitive programs, similar to our KBA,  to create  ongoing athletic competitions that span the entire summer.  
  • There may be some local trips we can run safely and we are currently exploring options such as White Water Rafting, Valley Cone Ice Cream hikes , golf outings and more.


  • Staff will be required to  follow identical testing protocols;  pre-camp testing, opening day testing and first week testing
  • Orientation will allow staff to spend time training on new COVID-19 procedures 
  • It is likely that we will require  all Kennybrook staff to be vaccinated prior to camp. The American Camping Association has conveyed that camp staff will be considered “essential childcare workers” which will ultimately give our staff more immediate access to the COVID-19 vaccine. We are exploring options to assist our Kennybrook staff members to obtain the vaccine prior to orientation.


Though we are still awaiting specific guidance from the NYS Department of Health, please note the anticipated procedures:
  • If a camper tests positive on a pre-camp PCR test, the camper will be required to quarantine at home for a specified amount of time. Following the quarantine period, clearance by his/her doctor and a negative COVID-19 test will be required.
  • If a camper tests positive while in camp, they will be quarantined and, when possible, picked up from camp within 24 hours.
  • Should a bunkmate test positive, the bunk will still enjoy camp life but will participate in an adjusted Kennybrook program. The exposed bunk will follow a modified schedule social distancing from the rest of camp, outdoor dining at the pavilion, wear face masks when appropriate and be monitored for symptoms with additional testing.


  • In  order to keep our camp safe and healthy, Kennybrook will operate as a CLOSED COMMUNITY. We chose  the term ‘CLOSED COMMUNITY’ (rather than ‘bubble’) because it feels more aligned to  our new policies and it reiterates the value we place on a close knit  community.
  • A CLOSED COMMUNITY can be defined as minimizing the number of people that come and go while isolating our camp family safely inside our summer home.


  • The facts and science around COVID-19 continue to change daily. With this in mind, we will continue to update these guidelines each month to reflect the most timely data.
  • The final KENNYBROOK COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN will be sent close to opening day.
  • We will continue to take a methodical, informed and thoughtful approach towards all decision making.
  • We remain committed to providing open and honest communication and believe that campers flourish when we have a strong partnership with parents.

Thank you for your interest in attending Camp Kennybrook, the ideal overnight summer kids camp.