Teen Travel Adventures

The Camp Kennybrook Teen Travel Adventures provides our summer campers, finishing 8th and 9th grades, with the best of traditional camping combined with a unique travel program.  The teen travel program is an exciting and safe way for your child to experience traveling with friends, as well as familiar, responsible Kennybrook leaders and staff members.

Campers enjoy the fun of a typical Camp Kennybrook summer experience, plus greater age-appropriate adventures. After visiting day, our teens travel to the West Coast and the Canadian Rockies.  In the final week of camp, they enjoy “Color War” and all of the traditions that mark the end of the camp season.

Our travel destinations rotate each summer as campers explore exciting cities and attractions with their Kennybrook friends. Recent trips have included Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver and Whistler Ski Resort.

Camp Kennybrook’s commitment to the safety and the emotional well-being of every child continues to be a top priority during trips.  Trips are supervised by senior-level Kennybrook Directors who have over 15 years of Teen Travel Adventures experience. Our groups stay in well-known hotels, and all flights are on commercial airlines.

As children mature into teenagers, they are eager to explore new horizons. In recognition of this, The Kennybrook Teen Travel Adventures Program provides them with valuable new experiences, under close supervision. By choosing Camp Kennybrook, summer campers stay with us for years. In fact, over 95% of our campers return to participate in this very special program.

Discover why Camp Kennybrook is so much more than just a good time.