Get Moving!

At Camp Kennybrook, we understand the importance in teaching campers about good health and proper exercise.  Our fun and challenging  “Get Moving!” Fitness Program teaches lifelong skills that combat the sedentary habits that many young people have developed.

We do this in exciting and unique ways from our “Feeling Good” walk/run club, to our two-mile “Run for Fun.”   We also have a variety of land and water activities that are structured to provide a good aerobic workout.  Plus, our personal trainers design individual workouts for our senior campers.  These activities, coupled with our Annual Triathlon event, and our canteen healthy snack options, ensure that all campers are exposed to healthy living opportunities.

Under Camp Kennybrook guidance, our campers continue to develop new and positive attitudes about fitness and health that they will take home with them and integrate into their daily lives.

That’s why Camp Kennybrook really is the ideal overnight kids summer camp, and so much more than just a good time.