The Kennybrook Arch – Wifi Free Zone






WiFi Free Zone

No cell phones.  No Social Media. No Wifi!  Kennybrook is 7 weeks of a completely welcomed digital detox!  It’s hard to imagine technology free days but it is truly a wonderful thing to have every now and then.

Unplugging for the summer is so beneficial for kids.  It’s great to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and actually connect with people face to face.  Face Time will have a new meaning!

For 7 weeks at camp, our kids will learn to live in the moment and do it without having to feel the need to document it all on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Being in a social media free zone also alleviates a lot of stresses (especially with the older kids).  No one is worried about being left out of a picture posted on social media.  You don’t have access to any of that, which is so refreshing. 

Having little to no digital technology for the summer encourages the campers to engage in conversation with each other.  Imagine having to look at someone while you are talking to him or her?  This day an age it seems to be a foreign concept.  We are forever texting our conversations.  But, learning how to interact with each other in social settings (like meals, in the bunks and during activities) is such an important thing for everyone to learn and know in life.  Ask your kids about what the Kennybrook Dining Hall is like during meals?  There is so much cheering and singing.  It’s buzzing with unbelievable camp spirit!

The only source of technology the campers are allowed to have is an iPod or similar music player.  Like we had boom boxes back in the day, an iPod is their source of music for the summer.  Some kids bring portable speakers and they can play their music in the bunk for everyone.  This usually leads to a fun dance party!

An otherwise tech free environment enables the campers to take part in different activities throughout the summer.  Whether it’s a pick up game of basketball during rest hour or trying out for the camp play, the options are endless.  Campers even enjoy a game of cards or jacks like we used to!

While we recognize that being without technology could be a challenge for some kids, we are confident that it will be an amazing and most likely an eye-opening experience for them.  They will be forming friendships and creating bonds that last a lifetime.  They will learn to entertain themselves without relying on their mobile phone or computer.  They will be learning to just be kids and enjoying all of the fun things to do at camp!

We as parents should remember to do this as well this summer.  We will probably be home hitting refresh on our phones or computers to look at the pictures that camp posts to get a glimpse of our kids at camp.   They will be disconnecting from technology and connecting with everyone at camp!  It’s an awesome thing! We could probably use the summer as a chance to disconnect a little too!


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