Sample Daily Schedule

7:55 am Wake-Up
8:15 am Line-Up
8:30 am Breakfast
9:15 am Boys Water Ski
9:25 am Inspection
9:35 am Line-Up
9:45 am 1st Period: Boys Specialty and Girls Activity
10:35 am Recall
10:45 am 2nd Period: Girls Specialty and Boys Activity
11:35 am Recall
11:40 am 3rd Period: Boys Activity and Girls Activity
12:30 pm Recall: Prepare for Lunch
12:45 pm Lunch: Rest Period
2:00 pm Girls Water Ski
2:15 pm 4th Period: Boys General Swim and Girls Specialty
3:10 pm Recall: Boys Canteen
3:15 pm 5th Period: Boys Specialty and Girls Activity
4:10 pm Recall: Girls Swim and Girls Canteen
4:15 pm 6th Period: Girls Swim and Team Practice
4:20 pm Recall: Boys from Boys 5th Activity
4:25 pm Boys 6th Activity
5:45 pm Line-Up
6:00 pm Dinner
6:45 pm 7th Period: Banana Boating and Bunk Activity
7:40 pm Recall
8:00 pm Evening Activity
9:00 pm Canteen: Snacks: Return to Bunks